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Holocaust survivor Ruth Steinfeld on finding forgiveness and the courage to tell her story

Long-form interview, Houston Matters


Holocaust survivor Ruth Steinfeld and her sister survived a concentration camp in France and later made a life in Houston, always wondering what had happened to their parents.

How a Houston attorney prepared to argue before the Supreme Court — and brought along some local law students for the ride

Long-form interview adapted for web article, Houston Matters


Rick Morris talks about how he prepared for one of the toughest challenges an attorney can face: arguing before the U.S. Supreme Court.

Richard Linklater’s ‘Apollo 10 1/2’ is a love letter to Houston and the space race

Long-form interview adapted for web article, Houston Matters


The director of films like Boyhood, Slacker, and Dazed and Confused talks about his new animated movie that draws heavily on his own childhood growing up in the shadow of Mission Control.

How music therapists helped a mother connect with the newborn she still hasn’t met

Scripted feature adapted for web article, Houston Matters


Houston’s Emelia Herrera had COVID-19 and is still isolated from her new baby.

Turning an oil tank into a home: Galveston’s Kettle House gets a facelift for new TV show

Multimedia article, Houston Matters


The unusual island landmark is one of several homes overhauled on Ashley and Michael Cordray’s new home renovation show, Big Texas Fix.

Here are 10 of the peskiest invasive species in Greater Houston

List article adapted from long-form interview, Houston Matters

There are dozens of invasive species of plants, animals, insects, and shellfish in Texas that threaten native species and cause other environmental concerns.

Pres. Obama urges Congressional foreclosure action at Reno rally

Spot News, National Public Radio


In Nevada today, Pres. Obama urged Congress to act on legislation he says will help millions of homeowners refinance underwater homes. From KUNR in Reno, Michael Hagerty reports.​​

Nevada's first wind farm brings added benefits, concerns

News Feature, Reno Public Radio


Nevada’s first commercial-scale wind farm opened last week 20 miles east of Ely. Besides their imposing presence on the landscape, KUNR's Michael Hagerty reports the wind turbines are having an effect on the area in other ways too.

NTSB releases findings on Reno Air Races crash

In-Depth News, Reno Public Radio


At a hearing this morning in Washington, the National Transportation Safety Board
issued findings of its investigation into the fatal crash at last year's National Championship Air
Races. KUNR’s Michael Hagerty reports. 

Churches promoting R-rated "Passion of the Christ"

News Feature, National Public Radio


Religion and Hollywood are often at odds over the content of movies. But with the premiere of Mel Gibson’s controversial film, The Passion of the Christ, many Christians are actively promoting an R-rated film in their churches. From KWBU in Waco, Texas, Michael Hagerty visited one such congregation.


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