DJ Spooky: Turning Antarctica into Music

Arts Feature, Reno Public Radio


Antarctica – it’s the one continent that has no national boundaries, and it’s largely uninhabited. The closest thing to an indigenous people there are the penguins. And it’s that unforgiving desolation that drew artist and DJ Paul D. Miller to visit it. He turned his meditations on Antarctica – as a place and as a metaphor – into a volume called The Book of Ice and a corresponding exhibit open now at the Nevada Museum of Art.

Miller – also known as DJ Spooky – will perform along with members of the Reno Philharmonic "Ice Music," compositions inspired by the frozen continent.

Pres. Obama Urges Congressional Foreclosure Action at Reno Rally

Spot News, National Public Radio


In Reno, Nevada, today President Obama urged Congress to act on legislation he says will help millions of homeowners refinance underwater homes. From member station KUNR in Reno, Michael Hagerty reports.

The President said Congress needs to act on a series of proposals he calls his "to-do list," and highlighted a plan to help more homeowners who’re on time with their mortgage, but are having trouble refinancing because their home’s underwater.

Nevada's First Wind Farm Brings Added Benefits, Concerns

News Feature, Reno Public Radio


Nevada’s first commercial-scale wind farm opened last week 20 miles east of Ely. Besides their imposing presence on the landscape, KUNR's Michael Hagerty reports the wind turbines are having an effect on the area in other ways too.

The blades of a tall white wind turbine gently whisk in a circle against the surge of a strong
easterly wind. Behind it, Wheeler Peak – on the western edge of Great Basin National Park – is a
stark shadowy wall shrouded by passing storm clouds.

NTSB Releases Findings on Air Races Crash

In-Depth News, Reno Public Radio


At a hearing this morning in Washington, the National Transportation Safety Board
issued findings of its investigation into the fatal crash at last year's National Championship Air
Races. KUNR’s Michael Hagerty reports.

NTSB investigators say screws in the modified P-51 Mustang’s elevator trim tabs — those are
flaps that help stabilize the aircraft — were too loose and showed years of wear, causing one of
the tabs to break loose under the stress of flying more than 400 miles an hour.


Pres. Obama Discusses College Affordability

Spot News, National Public Radio


President Obama discussed college affordability at a campaign stop Tuesday in
Reno, Nevada. From member station KUNR in Reno, Michael Hagerty reports.

The president spoke at a local community college and told the crowd the way to rebuild the
economy is by preserving college grant and loan programs that make college more affordable for
the middle class.

Scenic View (Excerpt)

Short Fiction Excerpt


Ray Conyers was flat footed. As a child he first realized it when stepping out of the pool at the city park on a summer afternoon, the sun blistering overhead. Other kids would race around the pool—running despite the numerous signs warning against it and constant shouts from whatever lazy teenage lifeguard was on duty. Their feet would slap against the grainy concrete, rough like a pumice stone, sanding smooth the pink pads of young toes and heels.

Climbing up the slippery ladder in the shallow end and pulling his stout body onto the cement bordering the water, he saw the darkened outlines of the other kid’s wet feet. Their footprints all left thin, arced shapes like crescent moons. Their dotted toe prints orbiting closely as if the moon had its own satellites.


Churches Promoting R-Rated Passion of the Christ

News Feature, National Public Radio


Religion and Hollywood are often at odds over the content of movies. Ideas of morality
are often used to condemn films with violence or graphic scenes and language. But with
Wednesday’s premiere of Mel Gibson’s controversial film, “The Passion of the Christ,”
many Christians are actively promoting an R-rated film in their churches, a film many
believers hope to use as a tool for evangelism.
From member station KWBU in Waco,
Texas, Michael Hagerty visited one such congregation.

Dock Owners Sue Over Access to Lake

News Story, Tyler Morning Telegraph


Lake Athens landowners Steve and Diana Dann are suing the Athens Municipal Water Authority seeking between $125,000 to $140,000 in damages, the value they say their real estate lost after the AMWA refused them access to a lakefront dock the Danns built.

The AMWA owns some 30 acres around the rim of the lake — land directly between the Danns’ home and the waterfront.