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Remembering the Shamrock Hotel — and what it changed about historic preservation in Houston

The iconic, over-the-top Houston hotel opened in 1949. Its demolition 35 years ago this month left a hole in the hearts of many longtime residents. But it also helped change preservation for the better.

Graphic Design Gallery

Michael is an experienced graphic designer in multiple platforms:

Web, print, television, and multimedia.


See a new gallery of his work.

A Holocaust survivor finds forgiveness and the courage to tell her story

Ruth Steinfeld and her sister survived a concentration camp in France and later made a life in Houston, always wondering what had happened to their parents.

Michael Hagerty is a multimedia artist and writer based in Houston.


He serves as the senior producer for Houston Matters, the daily radio show on Houston's NPR station.

About Me

Latest Videos

Michael's demo video for his work as public address announcer for the Reno Aces baseball club.

(Announcing, graphics, and editing, Michael Hagerty)

Sidebar segment for a documentary.

(Most video, graphics, editing, script and VO by Michael Hagerty)

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